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Join us for this event and learn how pricing ideas and changes can be successfully delivered in practice

Thursday 2nd November
Regent Street Cinema, 309 Regent Street, London, W1B 2HW

The briefing will cover:

  • Evidence based insights on how customers actually respond to and think about price changes
  • Pricing approaches to mitigate commercial risks and achieve sustainable growth
  • How to create a highly effective pricing organisation
  • Pricing techniques addressing B2C and B2B environments

This event is geared towards leaders and managers looking to gain new insights into pricing opportunities for their businesses.


08:15 Registration & Breakfast

09:00 How Customers Actually Respond to Prices
Tim Ham

09:30 Adapting your Pricing to Market Realities
Guillaume Alexandre

10:00 Break

10:30 What Does a Well-oiled Pricing Organisation Look Like?
Marco Bertini

11:15– 12:00 Refreshments

To register please e-mail contact@pearsonham.com

Team Talk

“I want to be a price optimisation expert when I grow up!” – these are words you will never hear a child speak. You are not very likely to hear them from a graduate either to be fair.

Technical Expertise
A Growing Company
Commitment to Learning
Work Life Balance

This is a niche undertaking and yet, with the right proficiencies, candidates can and do come from many disciplines besides economics.

Analytical and numerical skills are a must. If you are also intellectually curious, a strong communicator, collaborative, entrepreneurial, and committed to quality work, you should get in touch.

We are always interested in meeting potential team members. Joining Pearson Ham is an exceptional opportunity for those who want a career with impact, growth and reward.

If recruited, you will find yourself working with business leaders at brands across diverse market sectors. Your abilities will be stretched, honed and multiplied from day one and you will join a growing and thriving environment, a company with its eye to becoming the UK market leader.

We are a specialist company with great ambitions.

Current Vacancies

Check out the job descriptions for the roles for which we take new hires below!

We are always looking for talented candidates, at the moment particularly at the Engagement Manager level.

We have recently closed a recruitment round for Pricing Analysts. If you are interested in applying to Pearson Ham at the analyst level, please note it may be some months before our next round of recruitment.

Job Description – Pricing Analyst

Job Description – Engagement Manager

If you’d like to be considered, please contact Nicola Lionello at contact@pearsonham.com with a CV and cover letter and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

10 Reasons to Work at Pearson Ham

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The whole team gets involved when it comes to defining Pearson Ham! These were outputs from a brainstorming session in which we voted on reasons we like working here.

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