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Pearson Ham are pricing specialists. Experts in pricing, strategy and analytics, our skills have been enriched through experience in many different market sectors, giving us the ability to cross-pollinate ideas.

Inquisitive by nature, our personal approach and robust analytical skills provide work of the highest quality, tailored specifically for each client’s needs.

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Tim Ham, MBA CEO

Tim leads Pearson Ham and has worked in pricing for the last 19 years working across market sectors as both a practitioner and a consultant.

He focuses driving volume and margin improvement through a range of a price solutions.  That work includes helping clients to review and develop their promotional solutions

Marco Bertini, DBA MBA Advisor

Marco holds a DBA from Harvard Business School and he is currently the head of the marketing department at ESADE Business and Law School. Previously, he was on the faculty at London Business School for eight years.

His corporate clients range from entrepreneurial start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit organisations and government. Marco’s research appears in the major journals for marketing scholars and professionals, as well as in the print media and television.

He has a deep knowledge and unique perspective on pricing strategy, and in particular on the psychological and sociological factors that inform effective decision making in this area.

Stephen Kennedy, MA Advisor

Stephen established and led the Pricing team within Hastings Direct throughout a period of unprecedented growth.  With a background in retail, many of the pricing techniques and processes he introduced were new to the industry and provided a distinct competitive advantage.  Stephen has 20 years’ experience in pricing and analytics across a range of industries, contributing to effective pricing solutions.

Jill Ridley-Smith, MBA Non Executive Director

Jill is an experienced Non-Executive Director having worked at Board level for over 15 years.

She brings an independent perspective drawn from her career in Private Equity finance, strategy consulting, corporate marketing and latterly advisory services for SMEs.

Her skills include strategic planning, monitoring, organisation management, raising capital, corporate governance and communications.

Guillaume Alexandre, MSc Director

Guillaume partners with clients to grow and optimise their top-line. He works with them to preserve market shares and prices in difficult market environments, strengthen innovation and growth plans, find new sources of margin optimisation and support sales transformation programs.

He has served clients to build international commercial and pricing capabilities in more than twenty countries, collaborating closely with both working teams and senior executives.

He has over a decade of experience in developing, testing and fine-tuning commercial strategy and price management approaches to achieve measurable performance improvements.

Nick Allen, BA Director

Nick leads Pearson Ham’s pricing consultancy activity in the energy sector.  Prior to joining Pearson Ham, he spent 15 years working across the sector, both as a client and a management consultant.  During this time, he led Shell’s retail fuels pricing strategy development and delivery across 40+ countries, and helped a broad range of energy companies and equipment manufacturers to navigate the transition underway in the sector.

With a background in fast moving consumer goods marketing, Nick has an inherently inquisitive nature, and looks to combine a deep understanding of the customer with operational realities, to develop and deliver outcomes that ensure strategy turns to action, and delivers results in the market.

Tom Wells, PhD Engagement Manager

Tom is experienced at designing bespoke price optimisation tools for a variety of market sectors and collaborating with clients to meet their pricing needs.

With a keen eye for detail and a long history of exploring complex data-sets and models, he is an expert at analysing data from a variety of sources and has a profound ability to understand, and interpret, trends in data for the benefit of the client.

Having a solid academic foundation, Tom specialises in multivariate statistical analysis and is adept at identifying new methods of utilising client data.

Johann Mulla-Feroze, MBA Engagement Manager

Johann has approximately 20 years of experience spanning consulting and industry. During this time, he has worked in Europe, North America and Asia where he has delivered a broad range of projects.

Johann served as the Global Pricing Leader at Tate & Lyle and as the Interim Pricing Director at the Husqvarna Group. He has a particular depth in B2B pricing.

Nicola Lionello, MEng Engagement Manager

Nicola has 10 years experience in senior pricing management roles.

He has worked on the developed of new pricing models for companies in different industries and countries. He has experience of establishing pricing practices and organisations across different sectors.

Nicola has developed a collaborative approach to introducing pricing activities to support business goals and improve performance.

Senyo Aidam, BSc Senior Consultant

Senyo has experience in designing and testing economic models, executing and refining both sales and procurement strategies as well as championing numerous social causes in the public arena.

A natural economist, he has a true interest in data driven insights and analytics. In addition he has a passion for facilitation and working with diverse groups of people creating synergies and drilling down into complex commercial problems.

With strengths in communication and analytics, Senyo excels in the areas of stakeholder engagement and statistical analysis.

Zeba Syed, MSc Senior Consultant

Zeba has expertise in using various market research methods to help clients in diverse sectors to define and develop innovative pricing strategies.

With a natural and proactive attitude to problem solving and an interest in analytics, she is able to identify and capitalise on areas of improvement.  Zeba leverages a diverse set of best practices and tools to effectively support client initiatives.

A self-motivated planner and strategist, she applies creative thinking to situations.  She has a natural ability to build relationships and work collaboratively.

Paolo Bachmann, BEng Senior Consultant

Paolo has a broad research background in optimisation and statistics, working on projects from infrastructure construction planning to investment portfolio design. Having specialised in Operations Research at the University of Auckland, he brings knowledge of data-driven decision support methods. Paolo’s experience spans problem specification, modelling, and development of bespoke optimisation solutions.

An adept problem-solver he is able to develop qualitative specifications into quantitative hypotheses, analyse and interpret client data, and develop robust approaches towards achieving clients’ strategic goals through pricing.

Louise Lin, MEng Pricing Analyst

After completing her degree and Master’s in Engineering, Louise joined Pearson Ham as a pricing analyst, where she applies a logical and rational approach to perform data analysis for price optimisation.

Currently, she is excited to be working on developing more effective Price Testing Frameworks to measure the impact of price changes on volumes and elasticity.

With strengths in numerical and problem-solving skills, and understanding of the business marketing environment developed through previous working experiences, Louise enjoys providing clients with useful insights and improved price solutions.

Richard Law, BA Pricing Analyst

Having completed his BA in Classics, Richard joined Pearson Ham as a pricing analyst in September 2016.
With a varied academic background and a strong passion for problem solving, Richard provides a carefully measured approach to data analytics and communicating complex issues clearly and concisely.

He is currently helping the team find new ways of providing innovative solutions for clients.

Adam Jama, MEng Pricing Analyst

With a background in oil & gas, Adam has experience in a fast paced and dynamic environment, with a focus on analysis, monitoring and interpretation of operational data to provide production strategies.

Having the ability to appreciate the wider perspective, he enjoys seeking simplicity in the most complex of problems. Adam has an interest in clustering, visualisation and alternative pricing models.

Currently, he is excited to develop an optimised strategy for a portfolio of promotions, providing a competitive advantage to the client.

Megan Moore, BA Pricing Analyst

A passionate economist, Megan joined Pearson Ham after graduating second place in her year at Cambridge.

Her background supports her understanding of the intricacies of competitor dynamics using both theoretical models and analysis of best practice in similar markets.

She enjoys exploring some of the more mysterious areas of pricing that arise as a result of the irrational elements of consumer and competitor behaviours and is excited to apply her academic insights to create more comprehensive solutions for clients.

Ana Trifonova, BA Pricing Analyst

Ana joined Pearson Ham in 2017 after completing her BA in Economics.

With a background in rigorous econometric analysis, Ana enjoys creating quantitative insights into pricing problems and providing clients with tailored solutions.

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